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Our Services

In association with COFESA, CurVest provides the following services to its clients:

As a member, you have ready access to our staff of professionals. We routinely handle calls, requests, and problems on all matters dealing with employer/employee relations. We will promptly answer your question. Where else can you as the employer call to receive reliable assistance without the pressure of a “time meter?”

When you need help answering the tough questions or tackling time-consuming projects, we have you covered. Our experts in Industrial Relations can meet your needs today. From two-person companies to corporations with thousands of employees, our members come in all different sizes and represent a broad spectrum of industries including manufacturing, engineering, agriculture, automotive, hospitality, educational institutions, and more. More than 3000 organizations are members. We are humbled to say that many of them have been with us for more than 10 years.

On-site Assistance for

  • Compilation of disciplinary warning documentation
  • Compilation of disciplinary hearing documentation and relevant forms
  • Conducting and chairing disciplinary hearings
  • Providing guidance for grievance procedures
  • Assisting employers in retrenchment procedures
  • Assisting with legal representation in CCMA matters
  • Preparation & assistance with CCMA matters
  • Preparation & assistance with bargaining council issues
  • Assisting employers in applying for an exemption from bargaining council agreements
  • Assisting with agreements & employment contracts
  • Assisting in union negotiations
  • Providing assistance when dealing with matters such as employees being drunk on duty
  • Providing assistance when dealing with matters such as employees using drugs on duty
  • Providing strike management services
  • Preparation & advising on labour court cases

Our 24 hour helpline is a valuable source of expert advice to avoid expensive litigation.

Since 1990 more than 110 000 copies were printed to assist members to comply. It is also available in CD format. The code contains employment contracts, disciplinary codes, recognition agreements and other documentation and procedures necessary to comply with legislation, management and administration.

Legal posters or wall charts are a summary of a prescribed legislation. They should be displayed where it could be seen by all employees in order to create an awareness of legislation.

Included in you membership is the following posters:

  • Summary of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Summary of the Employment Equity Act
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act

We supply a powerful source of information to keep members informed.

  • Our website provides news about current labour related issues and downloadable documents
  • Informative e-mails are sent to members to keep them up to date with relevant developments
  • Join our Facebook Page for daily up to date info regarding all labour relations

We assist members to comply and submit employment equity reports, structuring committees and comply with Skills Development requirements.

We offer the following HEALTH & SAFETY related services:

  • Safety File Compilations, Updates and Audits
    • Contractors Packs
    • General Safety Files
  • SHEQ Management
    • Full project related Occupation Health & Safety Management
    • Principle Contractors and Sub-contractors overall Safety Management (Audits and sign offs)
    • Facility specific General Occupational Health & Safety Management
    • OHS Compliance
    • Audits
    • Communication Management
    • Policy Compilation and Amendments
  • Risk Assessments Compilations
    • Baseline Risk Assessment
    • Issue-based Risk Assessments
    • Task Specific Risk Assessments
  • Fall Protection Planning
    • Roofing
    • Scaffolding
    • Wall maintenance
    • Power cables maintenance
  • Emergency Evacuation
    • Emergency plan compilation/design
    • Emergency evacuation training
    • Emergency drill management
  • Injury on Duty (IOD) Assistance
    • Accident/incident on duty reporting
    • Accident/incident on duty applicable documentation submissions
    • Accident/incident on duty applicable documentation maintenance
    • Assistance helpline – 08:00 AM to 17:00 PM
  • First Aid
    • First Aid Level 1 training
    • First Aid equipment supplies (All regulative kits are available)
  • Fire Fighting
    • Fire fighting training
    • Fire extinguisher and hoses inspection, servicing and certification
  • Training Services
    • Safety representative
    • Hazardous chemical transport training
    • Forklift operation competency and certification

The prime purpose of payroll processing is to ensure that employees are paid accurately, on time every time.

Simple? Not so – even if you employ only one employee – you now have a payroll processing function added to the many other things that are required to run a successful business.

The Payroll Processing function in any business is no longer just a matter of paying an amount into an employee’s bank account at the end of each pay period. Employers now have a host of functions associated with the paying of employees, ensuring compliance with:

  • Payroll Maintenance
    • Monthly payslips
    • Leave maintenance
    • Pay slips will be emailed directly to employees or directly to the client for distribution
      Pay slips can be purchased for clients who prefer printed pay slips
    • Annual IRP5’s
  • Legislative Requirements
    • Monthly EMP201 submissions
    • Bi-annual EMP501 submission
  • Monthly Reports
  • Annual Reports

All of the above erode into time required to run a core business – let Cofesa handle your core business – Payroll Processing!

The recruitment department offers the following services

  • Employment Contract
    • Compilation of job descriptions & specifications
    • Drafting of terms and conditions
  • Candidate Head Hunting and Sourcing
    • Vacancy advertising/job posting
    • CV scanning
    • Telephonic screening
    • Reference checking
    • Polygraph testing and vetting
    • Physical interviewing
    • Behavioral, experience job knowledge assessment included
    • Full recording of interview to be available on demand, accompanied by the consent of all parties
    • Short listing
    • Client campaign report
  • The above will contain the Interview(s) results with regards to
    • Behavioral observations
    • Job knowledge and experience level
    • Strengths, weaknesses, investment potential, etc.
    • Employment risk assessment/risk analysis report
    • Reference feedback
    • Recruiters recommendations and conclusion
  • All the above to be provided to you as the client in the form of
    • Graphs/charts
    • Quantity and quality based data

This will enable you to make a comfortable final decision with regards to all your recruitment/employment practices in your company.

We develop tailor made practical training courses to suit your needs and enable your business to excel

  • Management of Employment Equity in the workplace
  • Discipline in the workplace: Investigation the Allegations & Formulation of Charges
  • Leadership in the workplace
  • Dealing with procedures in the workplace
  • First Aid Level 1 & 2
  • Basic Firefighting
  • Hazardous Chemical Transport
  • Safety Representative
  • The construction manager’s/supervisor’s general Occupational Health & Safety duties on site (Theory and Practical) – Construction & Mining Course available